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Promoting education, modern day science, and non-lethal alternatives to trapping that foster responsible stewardship and respectful coexistence with wildlife.

Wildlife Rehabbers witness the truths in trapping inc to our National emblem

May 26,2015 - Adams County Petenwell Park near Nekoosa, WI

Trapping and the indiscriminate cruelty it inflicts. How do trappers sleep at night or look at themselves in the mirror knowing the truths of this horror, they call recreation or ridiculously, science based regulated wildlife management?

Bald Eagle Suffers Injuries to Legs/feet from Trapping - video May 26, 2015- Raptor Education Group, Inc.

Photo eagle being cared for after caught in coyote trap

Photo courtesy: Raptor Education Group, Inc.


Photo eagle's foot after caught in trap
Photo courtesy: Raptor Education Group, Inc.

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