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Trap Alerts

Photo of - Trap alert - warnings - Montana Trap Free public lands

VISIT: Our sister affiliate, Trap Free Montana Public Lands, for reported encounters with traps/snares on our public lands.

Be aware trapping is legal year round in Montana.

Traps and snares are secreted and legally unmarked, no posting is required!

Where there is one trap, there are more!

By far the best safety prevention for your dog is to keep your pet on a leash. However, that, too, does not prevent them from getting caught in a trap or snare.

Legally, you can release your pet from a trap. 

ground set traps - with CD discs hanging for visual attractant which would be for Bobcat to lure them with their curiosity. 

Montana's furbearer trapping season begins Nov 1 for some species, Dec 1 for others, and Dec 15 for wolves. The legal trapping of furbearers closes between Feb 15 and April 15, depending on the species. Beaver are open to trapping Nov 1-Apr 15 in western and south western districts and Sept 1- May 31 for central and eastern districts in Montana. However, TRAPPING IS LEGAL YEAR ROUND in Montana for species classified as predators and nongame. With cooler weather, animals are developing their beautiful life sustaining winter coats........which is what trapping is all about, getting the prettiest and best furs possible. Please continue to keep us informed of areas trapped so we can warn others. Whenever possible take and send us pictures and be as descriptive as possible. Tampering of traps is illegal. We will respect your privacy.         

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