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Disturbing Insight What a Trapped Animal Experiences

Posted on December 28,2014

A wolf fights a trap, trying to get away while trapper films. He only cares about how they bite at the trap as this one did ruining their teeth. Trapper claims he set 10 hidden leghold traps on this trail.

This video isn’t graphic but gives you a disturbing insight into what a trapped animal experiences and how dislocations, broken teeth and in some cases “wring off” tearing or chewing off their paw occurs. It gives you insight to the selfish mentality of a trapper, how they try to justify putting an animal through all this, legally for days on end, their priority all about preserving the fur, with their goal to trap all they can right down to a specific color. The video shows the inconspicuous uncaring placement of unattended traps on a trail anyone or anything could possibly use.

In Montana, to avoid such unacceptable publicity and try to force some humanity, trapped wolves must be shot immediately….that is after lingering up to 48 hours in a trap. Our question is, who’s watching? Who’s enforcing? Who cares?

We insist you do not contact this trapper or any trapper’s names shared. That is not our purpose and only hurts our mission.


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