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Bald Eagle injured by snare likely set for wolves in the Kootenays

January 30,2017 - Kootenays, BC

This is what trappers are fighting to preserve! Our national emblem, a majestic bald eagle, snared by a trapper and left to suffer for days during the legal trap check period, which like in Montana.....there is none!

wildlife photographer from the Kootenays region in B.C. was out looking for moose to photograph last week, when she stumbled upon an incredible sight: a bald eagle trapped in a hunter’s snare, likely intended for a wolf.

“We were moving up this trail and could see this weird thing,” Tasha Hall told Global News. “We went over and got a closer look and there it was.”

Tasha Hall was hoping to photograph wildlife near her home in the Kootenays area of BC last Friday, but what she ended up photographing was a harrowing situation.

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male eagle found in snared and trapped for at least two days.


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