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Beloved Great Pyrenees - Morgan

Morgan was trapped on FS land about 1000 feet below his house which borders the forest. The traps and accompanying snares were baited with rotten beaver meat. The three month old Pyrenees Sam was caught in a leg trap at the same time. The trapper reportedly knew the owners and knew them well, knew the dogs. and never ever will be forgiven. Other trappers have quit trapping when they caused the trapping of a pet! While some care, many obviously do not. There simply is no need for this cruel indiscriminate deadly recreation! No animal deserves this. Morgan died 11 days later as a result of the snare. Morgan who died 11 days later after being caught in a snare from what trappers call "jelly head." When the snare doesn't close sufficiently in strangling its victim it constricts the jugular vein on the outside of the neck, cutting off blood returning to the heart. Meanwhile, the carotid artery keeps pumping blood into the brain, causing a buildup and swelling from thick bloody fluid eventually rupturing the vascular system causing the brain to explode. Both dogs attracted to the beaver meat bait, the family's 3 month old Pyr was also trapped. He survived the leghold trap. Beloved Great Pyrenees dog-  Morgan dies in trap - jelly headBeloved Great Pyrenees dog- dies in  leghold trap

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