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Beloved leashed dog dead after seeking a drink courtesy of trapping!

November 27,2016 - Indiana

A beloved leashed dog dead after seeking a drink courtesy of trapping! Officials respond with trapping should remain secreted for obvious reasons.

The popular park was hidden with deadly conibear traps placed in cubbies. As we have said repeatedly, cubbies for the quick killing conibear traps do not save lives. Here in Montana, the large 10 x 10 inch body/head crushing conibears need not even be enclosed in a cubby if 1/3 or more are submerged in water.

The Indiana officials justification for trapping in the park was proclaimed from complaints campers saw a couple of raccoons playing together. Another complaint was the scarcity of raccoons.

Indiana voters just passed the right to protect hunting, fishing and customary intentionally not using the word TRAP/TRAPPING in order to mislead voters and prevent the measure from failing.

Our heartfelt condolences for Copper's family. We hope some justice will be served but that will not bring Copper back.

Photo of Cooper who was killed in a Conibear Trap
Photo Courtesy Huffington Post

Justice for Copper - When a Walk in the Woods Turns Deadly   (Huffington Post)

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