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Great Blue Heron struggles and suffers before perishing in trap

February 10,2018 - Hamilton, Montana

This is trapping in all it's raw honesty and indiscriminate cruelty.

Discovered just recently in the Bitterroot of Montana, how long did this Great Blue Heron struggle and suffer before it perished?

We have no required trap check time interval. The exception is only for wolf trap sets and in lynx protections zones for bobcat trap sets then every 48 hours trap checks are required.

The fact is the longer an animal is trapped the less likely it will survive.

You might ask though aren't Great Blue Herons illegal to trap?

Absolutely, but as shown again and again, traps and snares are indiscriminate.Therefore, as long as the trapper followed the limited regulations, no matter the species, no matter the numbers, Fish, Wildlife and Parks excuses what they call "incidental" catches. The law doesn't permit a citation for trapping and killing protected species unless somehow proven intentional.

When does "incidental" begin to lose its sway?

As trappers state, "trapping is like Christmas, you never know what you are going to get."

So do you think this trapper will feel bad enough to stop trapping? In our experience very highly unlikely.

Great Blue Heron struggles and suffers before perishing in trap

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