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Two dogs caught in traps just turned in to Missoula Animal Control

February 22, 2015 Two dogs caught in traps just turned in to Missoula Animal Control. These are above and beyond the 21 known in Montana in the last few months, one of which "at large" was killed. Montana FWP reports list 104 dogs in the past couple of years! Some were with owners present and some reported "at large", most on public land and the majority are in legal trap sets! Dog owners need to know, trappers are not required to check their traps within any time period other than sets for wolves require 48 hr checks. Trappers have to report to FWP any trapped dogs, other than their own, now within 24 hrs. Other than that they can simply let the dog go, injured or not, with id tags or not. This happens and dogs are known to sometimes later lose legs, die as a result from the trapping. No records of trapped cats are kept but it happens. Owners of missing/lost pets need to contact their regional FWP office to see if a dog in their region was reported trapped. Shelters, Dog lost and found groups, Animal Control, need to provide missing pet owners the number at FWP to call. It may just save a dog's life. We can do much better than this friends and have to! From Missoula Animal Control: The shelter has received two dogs yesterday and today that have been caught in coyote foot traps near Kona Ranch Rd. /Mullan. The dogs have been ok, luckily. If you own a pet and live in that area PLEASE use caution and watch where you wander off to. Two dogs caught in traps just turned in to Missoula Animal Control

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