Trap Free Montana

A nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization

Promoting education, the best available science, and non-lethal alternatives to trapping that foster responsible stewardship and respectful coexistence with wildlife.

Our Affiliate

Trap Free Montana partners with our non-profit sister affiliate, Trap Free Montana Public Lands, Inc. (TFMPL)

TFMPL utilizes the truths in trapping, ethics, best available science, and responsible stewardship to achieve trapping reform and trap free public lands.

Trap Free Montana Public Lands runs a facebook page and is on twitter. TFMPL creates action alerts and sends e-newsletters to interested parties who oppose trapping and want to do more to help! They are a 501(c)(4) enabling them to do more through legislative processes.

Click here to visit their website

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Trap Free Montana

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Hamilton, Montana 59840

Phone: 406-218-1170

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