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Furbearer & Wolves Montana Regulations, Quotas, Reports

Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission

About the Commission and regions map.

Region 1 Pat Tabor, Commission Vice-Chair 
(406) 250-2899

Whitefish, Montana

Region 2 Jana Waller, Commissioner

(920) 222-1136

Lolo, Montana

Region 3 Pat Byorth, Commissioner 
(406) 548-4830

Bozeman, Montana

Region 4 KC Walsh, Commissioner 
(406) 599-9556 

Martinsdale, Montana 


Region 5 Brian Cebull, Commissioner 
(406) 860-7416

Billings, Montana


Region 6 Lesley Robinson, Commission Chair
(406) 301-0787

Dodson, Montana


Region 7 William Lane, Commissioner
(406) 981-0048

Ismay, Montana


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