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Human beings protect what they love and love only what they know.

Over the years, we have inundated you with the cruel images and truths in trapping. Of late many people have been absent or scarce on social media. We all could use some pleasantries, some enjoyable different views of wildlife that make us smile of the animals we fight so hard to respect, preserve and protect from trapping. This is the first in our series, "Love wildlife." Thank you for all your support and sticking with us! Enjoy!

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Learn the truths about wolves from those most knowledgeable:

Photo of wolf with Quote by Carter Niemeyer, Wolves do not kill everything in sight and anyone who believes otherwise is, well, wrong.

Questions & Answers about Wolves by Dr. Doug Smith

Dr. Doug Smith has studied wolves for over 20 years in Michigan and Minnesota prior to his leadership from the beginning for the wolf restoration project in Yellowstone.




Trapping in Montana is done by roughly half of 1% of Montanans. Yet the trapping and killing of beaver significantly costs our ranching, tourism, fire fighting, big game, and fishing industries  through reduced groundwater, destroyed wetlands, and lost big game browse.

The Montana landscape we know was fundamentally changed by the removal of beaver before Montana was settled. In November 1841 the famous trapper Osborne Russell wrote: “The trappers often remarked to each other as they rode over these lonely plains that it was time for the white man to leave the mountains as beaver and game had nearly disappeared."

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