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Love Wildlife

Human beings protect what they love and love only what they know.

Over the years, we have inundated you with the cruel images and truths in trapping. Of late many people have been absent or scarce on social media. We all could use some pleasantries, some enjoyable different views of wildlife that make us smile of the animals we fight so hard to respect, preserve and protect from trapping. This is the first in our series, "Love wildlife." Thank you for all your support and sticking with us! Enjoy!

THE NEW NATURE MOVEMENT, AFTER 11/8  (Richard Louv | Nov 17, 2016 )
"More than ever, building a future generation of conservationists will depend on helping children and adults fall in love with the natural world." As we have said at TFMPL, "human beings protect what they love and love only what they know." "Politics can destroy the story, or our story can transcend politics."

Indian Legends says: The animals decide which humans cross the bridge - karma at it finest

To all those good hearted souls out there.....we thank you!


Meet Max, born in captivity, he serves now as an educational ambassador for the endangered Lynx.

What we know, understand, connect with, respect and appreciate, we protect.


Why We Need Large Predators to Begin With?

The Undeniable Value of Wolves, Bears, Lions And Coyotes In Battling Disease by Todd Wilkinson , DECEMBER 11, 2017                                                                                               "Will the Fairy Tale Mentality of Western States Against Predators Hamper Their Ability to Slow Chronic Wasting Disease?"  


What animal is a danger, whose first response is to kill, who kills out of hatred at all costs including to other species, and kills for fun, knowing it to be so, that we should fear or at least be the more concerned with?

Photo-Man is responsible for the millions of deaths every year. Here a wolf nuzzles it peacefully.

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