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Starting Saturday Sept 1, 8pm mst, Animal Planet will be starting a series, "Wolves and Warriors".  
Some of it was filmed in Montana shedding a light on the plight of wolves and the secreted, hidden, unregulated world of trapping.

Initially fearing it was another trick of the trappers, we at Trap Free Montana Public Lands had the honor of meeting some of these brave warriors when they first came to Montana to learn about trapping and about why there would be any animosity towards wolves. 

One of the series, at least, "Operation Wolfguard" will expose the poachers and illegal trap sets on our public land in Montana.


Questions & Answers about Wolves by Dr. Doug Smith

Dr. Doug Smith has studied wolves for over 20 years in Michigan and Minnesota prior to his leadership from the beginning for the wolf restoration project in Yellowstone.

Video: YellowstoneNPS 




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