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Releasing a Trapped Pet

Short Videos on how to release a pet from a leghold/foothold trap, snare, and from a conibear trap from our friends at Wyoming Untrapped.  Demonstrated by Dave Pauli, a former animal "damage-control" trapper, who now spends his endless time rescuing all kinds of animals and educating about coexisting with wildlife.
Be aware, trapping is legal in Montana year-round, too. Where there is one trap or snare, there are more. There is no limit to the number of traps or snares that a trapper can set. No signage is required. Always carry cable cutters for snares. Trap setbacks, the legal distance a trap or snare has to be set back i.e. from a public road or trail, are inadequate to protect you, your child, or your pet and the regulations contain various exceptions in Montana. The same bait used to trap most wildlife, also attracts your pet. Be safe and be trap aware!
And another helpful trap release video:

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