Trap Free Montana Public Lands

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Our Affiliate

Trap Free Montana partners with our non-profit sister affiliate, Trap Free Montana Public Lands, Inc. (TFMPL), a 501(c)(4). 

TFMPL is a coalition of wildlife supporters utilizing the truths in trapping, the best available science, ethics, & responsible stewardship to achieve trapping reform and trap free public lands.

Within our vast state, only 1/3 of Montana are public lands.

Our board and advisors consist of farmers, hikers, hunters, scientists, retired law enforcement, and former lobbyists. TFMPL primarily operates through the legislative process to help achieve our goals.

  • TFMPL provides information on trapping related bills particularly in the Montana legislature.
  • TFMPL educates Montana voters by providing a report card and assigning a grade for Montana legislator’s voting record on trapping and related bills.
  • TFMPL testifies and submits public comment on trapping and related anti predator bills.
  • TFMPL works with legislators to support and create bills for much needed trapping reform.
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Our History

We originated as a ballot initiative committee with the state of  Montana for the November 2014 election for TRAP FREE MONTANA PUBLIC LANDS (TFMPL) after another organization rescinded on the initiative effort.  Having been heavily involved, we knew the trappers were not waiting and neither could we.  

It quickly became evident from the good people of Montana that our  ongoing education and exposure of the truths in trapping had opened their eyes about this unethical secreted indiscriminate brutal recreation. From basically all volunteers, TFMPL obtained more valid signatures for the 2014  ballot initiative than any other 2014 citizen driven initiative. Although our initiative (I-169) did not gain enough signatures in the 4 months remaining  for the deadline, the response from the general public was positive and  overwhelmingly enthusiastic. 

We were coined by the public as “Trap Free” and Montana Fish Wildlife &  Parks, followed suit. In 2016, TFMPL became a registered 501(c)(4) and Trap Free Montana became a 501(c)(3).  

Unfortunately, for our next promised ballot initiative our efforts to coordinate  with another anti-trapping organization were unsuccessful and we believed that two initiatives would be confusing to the public and would hurt the  cause.  

TFMPL goals continue to further the common good and general welfare of  the people of Montana, our companion animals and beloved pets, the wildlife, the visitors to the state, and our economy by promoting trap free public lands and much needed trapping reform.  

Our beautiful state of Montana, prized for our treasured wildlife, has earned  a shameful glowing black eye and a disturbing reputation as the wildlife killing fields. TFMPL is committed to reversing this, the war declared on wolves, and other species which was initiated through the 2021 Montana legislature.  

Trap Free Montana Public Lands, Inc.
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