Mission & Impact

We take great pride in being your credible resource for the hidden truths in trapping and its many wrongs. We partner with our affiliate, Trap Free Montana Public Lands, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization that advocates for trap free public lands and trapping reform primarily through the legislative process.

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Our Mission

Trap Free Montana, Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization established in 2016. We are a grassroots, boots on the ground, nonprofit originating from our 2014 ballot initiative attempt for Trap Free Montana Public Lands (TFMPL). Our constituents are hikers, anglers, hunters, wildlife watchers, scientists, educators, biologists, photographers, ranchers, pet owners, and outdoor enthusiasts all sharing a common denominator by opposing trapping. We value wildlife, all wildlife, for their ecological role and for their intrinsic value.

Our mission is to connect hearts & minds through science, truths in trapping, & compassion to rise to the plight of wildlife & support biodiversity, coexistence, responsible stewardship, & trap free public lands.

Wildlife are in trouble. Experts say we are in the 6th mass extinction and this time because of humans. Wildlife are seriously challenged with loss of habitat, human encroachment, loss of biodiversity, connectivity, and climate change. They are harmed from fear, ignorance, selfishness, and perpetuated myths. Many species have a price tag on their heads and are managed either as a commodity or vermin.

Wildlife routinely in Montana get the short end of the stick and are routinely and quickly killed in response to real, perceived, or potential conflicts. Some people love to kill them. Others love them to death.

Trapping is one major and unnecessary form of wildlife mortality in Montana, we can and need to stop!

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Our Impact

We go beyond educating about wildlife and increasing public awareness about trapping’s secret cruelties and hidden truths. Trap Free Montana (TFM) helps pay for medical and rehabilitation costs for trapping victims, advocates against trapping utilizing the best available science, and provides assistance with non-lethal methods in lieu of lethal trapping.

In addition, Trap Free Montana offers rewards for information concerning poaching and, in particular, trapping violations, that lead to arrests and convictions.

We are perhaps most popularly known for our billboard campaign along major highways across the state. We never want to again hear, “We didn’t know trapping still existed.”

Trap Free Montana has been a consistent participant over the years at Montana Fish and Wildlife meetings and along with our affiliate, TFMPL, at legislative hearings. We also served on a Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks trap setback committee. We’ve had the honor of being a presenter or guest speaker at workshops, forums, rallies, trap-release demos, events, and on radio and podcasts.

Unfortunately, the war declared on wolves, in particular, the attacks on large predators, the lack of transparency, and the increased muting of our voices against trapping has also forced us to litigate on the behalf of wolves and all creatures tragically and unnecessarily harmed, especially due to trapping.

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Help us protect all creatures from trapping.