Who’s Trapped

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Trapping Quotas & Annual Reports

Of the multiple dozens of species legal to trap in Montana, classified as furbearers, nongame, and predators, only a handful have a quota for the number who can be killed. Montana classifies 10 species as furbearers: bobcat, fisher, otter, swift fox, muskrat, mink, marten, beaver, wolverine, and lynx. A kill quota, or limit, is set for 4 species, i.e. bobcat, fisher, otter, and swift fox. Marten are limited in District 1 only to the number/trapper. The furbearer trapping season is closed for wolverine and lynx.

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Non-Target & Incidental Pet Trapping

The term “non-target” has replaced the former use of the words  “incidental” and “accidental” for those “unintended” trapped or snared. The majority of “non-targets” are caught in sets for coyotes which are completely unregulated. Snares are the leading cause of deaths.  

The number one reported wildlife non-targets in Montana are mountain lions, with the overwhelming disastrous impacts of being injured and most killed. These mountain lions do not come off the hunting quotas!  

Dogs alternate taking the lead in non-target trappings. Some dogs die from snaring, conibear traps, and from trapping in general. The outcome for trapped non-target wildlife is more dismal as they do not have the luxury of someone caring for them. The ramifications from trapping are compounded because, other than 2 limited exceptions, Montana does not have a mandatory trap check thereby allowing those trapped to legally linger and suffer for days upon days.

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Victims & Consequences of Trapping

Read our blog to learn more about trapping victims, the many consequences of wildlife suffering and trapping, and general updates regarding Trap Free Montana. Knowledge is power!