How To Track Montana Bills & Provide Public Comment


Go to the Montana legislature bills lookup page.


From there you can enter the bill number, select the name of the legislator, or select the subject. Then hit FIND. This will take you to the corresponding page. Be patient as some subjects are so full, they take a while.


The left will show the bill or draft number. The boxes to the right of the bill number provide the language of the bill for you to click on and read. You’ll be able to see the status of the bill and when the hearing will be, if it is scheduled, and the voting records

Have Your Say!

You can sign up to testify over zoom or via phone, submit a written comment, attend and speak in person, or call in your comment. Note: there are deadlines for providing comment, generally by 5pm the day prior, unless done in person.

Be prepared with a 2-minute maximum verbal comment.

Stay on the bill.

Identify if you are a constituent.

Follow the rules of decorum.

Be respectful.

Remain available after providing verbal comment for any questions.

Hearings can also be viewed/heard in real time and from the past.

The most effective thing one can do is find and contact legislators, especially if you are their constituent, as their ultimate goal is to get re-elected. Remember they work for Montanans. They work for you. Respectfully urge their support for science based, ethical management of wildlife, and safe use of our public lands, which the majority of the bills are not!