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Promoting education, the best available science, and non-lethal alternatives to trapping that foster responsible stewardship and respectful coexistence with wildlife.

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"END THE SUFFERING" Montana Billboard Campaign 

Trap Free Montana's "End the Suffering" billboard campaign helps expose the cruelty of trapping.

Trapping has historically been secreted and hidden. It will not remain so under our watch.

Our billboards increase public awareness of this inhumane and indiscriminate year round recreational activity. From less than half of Montana trappers voluntarily reporting, an average of 50,000 wildlife are reported trapped and destroyed annually in our state. Not included are the trapped non-targets, i.e. pets, mountain lions, raptors, lynx, wolverine, deer, and the collateral damage from released but injured victims and orphaned young. 

Knowledge is power and with power comes change! 

In 2019, we began our second year into our "End the Suffering" billboard campaign. Our billboards have been scattered across Montana along major highways in Helena, Gallatin Gateway, Great Falls, Clancy, Billings, Florence and Basin. In the summer of 2019, we switched out one of our two Helena billboards for a look at some of the many indiscriminate "accidental" trapping victims that are excused, condoned, forgotten, in the inherently indiscriminate act of trapping.

Each billboard exposes tens of thousands of the public, weekly, to the harsh disturbing reality of trapping.

We would love to continue this worthwhile project and honor your requests for locations but that takes funding.




If you would like to be one of the proud sponsors of these truthful, yet painful, but necessary to see, eye opening billboards and help keep them up, please make a tax deductible donation to Trap Free Montana. We are all volunteer so contributions go directly to the cause!
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