Over 61,276 beaver were reported trapped and killed last 9 years in Montana

While Montana allows almost year round, unlimited and non-reported trapping of beaver, for a mere $28 single trapping license purchase, other states and countries convened to discuss and utilize the many benefits of beavers, alive.

“Beaver ponds make for cooler, slower, more complex streams that are conducive to habitats the fish and a variety of species depend on, including red-legged frogs and pond turtles.”

“One single little dam made out of grass, sticks and rocks restored stream flow for two-and-a-half miles of the river,” Houston said.

Beaver-created ponds and riparian habitat are critical to the success of healthy watersheds and species ranging from moose to songbirds. Their riparian zones provide essential browse for elk, deer, moose and cattle.

Beaver ponds create wetlands which are among the most biologically productive ecosystems in the world and provide habitats for plants, insects, amphibians, fish, waterfowl , song birds, and mammals. . U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Functions and Values of Wetlands, EPA 843-F-01-002c, September 2001.

In Montana’s last 9 years of recorded furbearer harvest reports, 61,276 beaver were reported trapped and killed from basically just 1/3 of trappers voluntarily reporting. Where again is the science?

Conference highlights importance of beavers