An Unforgettable Tragedy at Bitterroot River

Monte’s enjoyment visiting a favorite swimming spot along the Bitterroot river, ended in unforgettable tragedy.

“It’s always been one of our favorite places.” It looked like her toes were mangled,” Ramberg said. “I wasn’t quite sure what kind of recovery she would have.”

“It was terrible and ridiculous. What is a beaver trap doing in a public fishing and swimming area? My best friend had to go through something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.”… If someone says to me, ‘it was just a dog,’ I think I will scream. I was there to hear her screaming and was there to see her fear in her eyes and the pain she fought.” Ramberg said. In this rare instance in Montana, the trapper was actually found, cited and ordered to pay the vet bills. The majority of times, that does not happen. Pet owners, wildlife rehabbers, veterinarians and tax payers incur the costs of “incidental” trapping victims. Animals and their owners incur the life long emotional and sometimes physical scars of the irresponsible, indiscriminate and cruel recreation of trapping. Traps and snares are frequented along Montana waterways catching, torturing, sometimes killing our faithful dogs and any creature that falls victim to them. Our initiative would achieve safe responsible and ethical use of our public lands free from these hidden and indiscriminate landmines for ourselves, our pets and wildlife. Our initiative requires warning postings for the trapping exceptions on Montana public land.