Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

March 6,2019

Who in their right mind with any sense of compassion can ever embrace or condone this inexcusable barbaric cruelty?

There are very few things in life that make me rage post, but this is one. We need your help.

This is Arlo. Arlo is a Great Pyrenees who got his paw caught in a steel jaw trap 2 weeks ago. He was finally caught last night. This dog’s suffering has been immense. He has chewed off most of his foot trying to free it from the jaws of this monstrosity. He is weak, he has a raging infection in this and he will have to endure an amputation to save his life. I have posted a clear picture of his mangled foot in the comments because it’s so graphic it will make people lose their minds if it pops up in a feed. This was doubtless aimed at a coyote, but the inherent cruelty of doing this to any animal must be stopped.

Tomorrow, he will have surgery. He joins two other dogs in intensive care (Ellie with pancreatitis and Jamison with pneumonia). This was not in the budget, but I would pull out my own toenails before I said no to this dog.

Say a prayer for all of them.

PS I’d like to give a huge shout out to the folks in WV who got him to safety and the emergency vet. But for them, he would never have had a chance to even meet the orthopedic surgeons who will amputate.

PPS Depending on the scope of the infection and damage to the remainder of the bone, we are planning to have him fitted with a prosthetic front leg.

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