Cat caught in trap, will lose her mangled leg and her home

Kila, Montana
Another Montana known victim of trapping. It took her a week to escape and get home with the trap still attached and half of her body weight left behind. She will lose her mangled leg and her home. She needs an indoor home and best if she is the only cat. No records are kept in Montana of the number of cats caught in traps and snares. No one knows.

Calm Animal Care Veterinary Clinic

Some cats are tigers on the inside. Raised by a caring family, living the good life chasing mice on a hillside in the Montana woods, this one met with disaster in the form of an irresponsibly set leg hold trap. It caught in the brush but she managed to free herself, dragging the trap, the chain and a mangled leg. It took a week to get home, but she did it, using every bit of strength she had and losing half her body weight in the process. Tomorrow she’ll have surgery to remove the leg, and she will be an indoor tiger from here on out. I think she’s a hero. Her family has to give her up, unable to keep her safely inside, and we are taking applications for her new home. She is affectionate and gorgeous and still playful. Seriously, this cat is awesome.