Cat missing, make way back home with body crushing conibear trap attached

Along with the cold, Montana trapping season is intensifying. Here is one of the first known pets in the state for the start of the “furbearer” season. It doesn’t matter the animal, the suffering inflicted or the unnecessary act of trapping itself.

This unfortunate cat was missing for days only to make its way back home with this body crushing conibear trap attached. In response to the pain trapping causes, conibears were designed as “quick kill” traps. They are challenging to decipher how to open causing death quickly if it closes on the neck, spine, snout. Trappers say there is no need to check them within any time limit as the animal is dead. As with all body gripping traps, on what body part they shut and on whom is all up to chance.

For safety and longevity, it is best to keep cats indoors. However, some are barn cats. No one keeps track of the number of cats in Montana that are caught in traps. This one is not the first or the last.

Think this trapper will care or only about getting his/her trap back to resume more trapping?