Coyote hunter shoots and kills two dogs in state park south of Stoughton

Trigger happy predator haters kill innocent animals, including our pets. Even the Montana Trappers Association now sponsors events such as Predator Killing Contests that fosters this mindset. This is unethical, unnecessary, irresponsible, and is going to eventually lead to much more serious consequences. The coyote killing craze takes the lives of Veterinarian’s 2 beloved dogs that were wearing vests! One ran to her with her chest shot open. The other was likely 3 times the size of a coyote…what, was he hoping, like many, to kill a wolf and claim thought it was a “coyote” that just happened to be wearing a reflective vest? If our pets aren’t getting caught in secreted traps, they are getting shot by these predator haters. What is wrong with these people? No excuses! No reason to be so vindictive to another species just because you legally can! Our dogs and our safety are in serious jeopardy.