In the past 5 years since Montana opened a season on wolves over 1,000 have been reported shot or trapped for recreational purposes.

In the past 5 years since Montana opened a season on wolves over 1,000 have been reported shot or trapped for recreational purposes.

701 were reported shot by hunters. Trappers reported killing 336.

This does not include wolves killed for depredation purposes or under SB200 in which private landowners can kill under conditions including a perceived threat.

According to Montana FWP, 39 wolves were killed to address depredation issues in 2015, the lowest number in a decade and 18 fewer than last year. We applaud those ranchers that are taking responsible measures by implementing proven non-lethal methods to prevent losses.

Montana has no quota on the number of wolves that can be killed other than no more than 5 per person. The exception applies to 3 units out of 18, i.e. units 110, 313, 316. One unit by Glacier and two are on the outskirts of Yellowstone park, a major increasing and economic draw for people wanting to see wolves alive. Meanwhile, trappers, as well as some hunters, wait across the imaginary park lines to target and kill these iconic universally popular wolves.

Montana’s hunting season on wolves opened 9/3 and ends 3/15 through the breeding, pregnancy and birthing season.
The trapping season opens 12/15 and runs through 2/28.

The blatant promotion of SSS, poison, gut shoot, poaching and other illegal acts against wolves is prolific. We do not know how many wolves succumb to this obsessive ignorance and we’ll never know. Meanwhile, wolf haters publicly celebrate the crimes committed and the criminals never get caught.

To date, this season, 83 wolves have been reported legally shot and killed in Montana by hunters and unit 316 went over quota.

An annual average of 60,000 animals are reported trapped and killed by recreational trappers in Montana. “Incidental” trapping victims and the collateral damage to orphaned and unborn young are not included or factored in.

For example: 48 mountain lions were reported “incidentally” trapped in a two year time frame 2013-2015 in Montana. 16 of those were caught in traps set for wolves. 1/3 of those mountain lions in “wolf trap sets” were dead. FWP does not report the number of trapped “non-target” wildlife that were injured in wolf trap sets but given what we know and the damage these larger leghold traps do, it’s a given injuries occur.The other 32 mountain lions were caught in traps set for other animals and 66% were dead!

What animal is a danger, whose first response is to kill, who kills out of hatred at all costs including to other species, and kills for fun, knowing it to be so, that we should fear or at least be the more concerned with?