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Trapped Montana Pets

  • And its stories like these, that keep us fighting. This Bozeman beloved pet missing for a week was caught in a trap and might lose her leg, and hopefully not her life.
  • Another innocent victim, another "Trapper", in Montana, courtesy of the indiscriminate cruelty of trapping, for days running scared, with a trap attached, in pain. How many more "Trappers" will there be? The last known one was a cat in Hamilton who lost its leg as a result.
  • Morgan was trapped on FS land about 1000 feet below his house which borders the forest. The traps and accompanying snares were baited with rotten beaver meat. The three month old Pyrenees Sam was caught in a leg trap at the same time.
  • "Greetings Trap Free Montana, I truly appreciate that you lobby for safer public lands. Thank you! Unfortunately, this is the third time I've dealt with an unnecessary trapping event. "
  • "It's always been one of our favorite places.” It looked like her toes were mangled," Ramberg said. "I wasn’t quite sure what kind of recovery she would have."


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