Ralphie doing well and adjusting to amputation

Laurel, Montana

Update on Ralphie another recent Montana victim of trapping. He is reportedly doing well and adjusting to the amputation of his leg managing to learn how to play and keep up. Look at that sweet face!
No animal should have to go through this!

It is unknown if the trap, or most likely a snare, was set illegally on private land. Ralphie ran off to play with another of the family dogs on Wednesday morning but did not return with her. He was finally found on Friday. His distraught and searching owner said, “if the trapper had only checked his trap on Wednesday or Thursday, Ralph, trapped and unable to return home might not have had to lose his leg.”

One of our bills for the Montana legislature requires 24 hr trap checks. Only with 2 exceptions, we have NO required time frame trappers need to check their traps and snares so animals can suffer trapped legally for days, even weeks.

Thanks to decent and caring people, our supporters donated $1,000 to our affiliate, Trap Free Montana, towards Ralph’s vet bill.
Trappers $0.

His owner has expressed her tremendous gratitude to all of you who helped! We also want to thank the Veterinary Clinic for all their treatment and care of Ralphie.

Montana Trappers Association has probably 10 times the amount of funds we have. This is blood money from the profits they received from the trapping, suffering, and destroying of your wildlife. When will they ever contribute to all the monetary costs they cause?

Sorry, Ralph, you won’t be able to run and play like you use to but glad you are alive and as animals always are, forgiving of our kind.