Tell us again where the science is in all this?

Most of Montana, i.e central and eastern, districts 4-7, opened for the legal trapping of beaver on September 1. For 9 months, beaver can be trapped in unlimited numbers with the closure being May 31.

No one knows how many of these critically necessary keystone species there are in Montana. No one knows how many are trapped and killed annually either. Trappers are not required to report. The small percentage that voluntarily report state they themselves trap and kill in Montana over 6,000 beaver on average, annually. The cost to a Montana resident is just $29 for the purchase of a trapping license and they can trap and kill as many beaver as their little heart desires.

Beware trappers often use large body crushing conibear traps along the water to trap beaver. These are unmarked and a death sentence to your dog as well.

Conibear traps, 7″x7″ and larger, need to be set recessed 7 inches in a cubby or enclosure with an opening of 52 square inches or less. This does not apply if they are submerged 1/3 or more in water.

The legal trapping of beaver opens in the rest of the state, western and southwestern Montana, districts 1-3, on Nov 1 and closes April 17.