Real man or heartless bully?

Raccoon caught in leghold trap. It can be trapped in Montana year round, no purchase of a $29 trapping license required. It can be left trapped and suffering as long as the trapper feels like it, days, weeks. Then the trapper can legally destroy it by any method the trapper chooses and do the same to 15 species ….drown, bludgeon, choke, shoot, beat, let your dogs rip it apart. Totally legal in Montana and all for fun and personal profit! Only requirement is be 12 years old and a Montana resident. Nonresidents would have to pay for a license to have this fun. This is legal in Montana. Anti-cruelty laws do not apply to wildlife for if it did, trapping would be obsolete. Know why trappers drown their victims? It’s all about preserving the pelt to get as much money possible out of the pelt for the demands of predominantly of Russia and China. What kind of person does this to an innocent and helpless animal? Fur prices NAFA Feb 2104 Raccoon – averages of $14.05– $21.61 490,361 sold.