Wolverine Killed in North Dakota was M56

“Killed this here critter (M56 most infamous wolverine) out tormenting the cows yesterday” in North Dakota…..but didn’t know or care what it was. Praised for his popularity by imbeciles, he only wishes he could have the wolverine back for bragging rights with his buddies. There are no records of any wolverines in North Dakota since the 1800s. There are only 300, now 299, left in the continental US. How would this ranch hand know how valuable they are, alive that is. Especially this particular wolverine.

Despite his ignorance, the note worthy attention and popularity belongs to this, now identified, Wolverine M56. He was tagged in Wyoming Grand Tetons as a juvenile in 2009 and traveled 500 miles to become the lone wolverine, first in over 90 years in Colorado eliciting much hope. M56 later went MIA reportedly in 2012. What stories he could tell. M56 is believed now to be the wolverine spotted in Havre, Montana, a couple of months ago. In April, the lengthy journey over these last 7 years ended for M56 as he met his fate in North Dakota at the hands of a shoot em first, mount them later, whatever it is, sentiment but get some bragging rights with photos in between. Afterall, the cows had encircled the wolverine. Whatever else could he do?

It’s becoming quite the destiny of our most studied, instrumental, exceptional wildlife prohibited from living out their existence and dying instead intentionally at the hands of man. The laws fail our wildlife. We hate to think of the fate of those not known.

Photo: M56, the juvenile wolverine tagged in Grand Teton National Park near Jackson, Wyo., in April of 2009 and believed to have walked to Colorado soon after, still is ranging in Northern Colorado. Here he eyes a photographer on April 22, 2012 near Guanella Pass. (Cameron Miller, special to The Denver Post)