Trapper – another innocent victim

Another innocent victim, another “Trapper”, in Montana, courtesy of the indiscriminate cruelty of trapping, for days running scared, with a trap attached, in pain. How many more “Trappers” will there be? The last known one was a cat in Hamilton who lost its leg as a result. Thank you to all those that didn’t give up, that helped this poor frightened and hurting dog. Our trapped wildlife need such allies. No animal should be allowed to be treated this way. It is never with a clear conscience that we have a full stomach, a warm home, and sleep at night knowing another is in pain. The last six days have been a fairly steady diet of restless nights. On Saturday, it was reported to us that there was a young dog running loose with a leg hold trap (most likely meant for a coyote) on its leg. Animal Control Officer along with other Fish & Game officers tried to catch it. We tried to catch it and we tried to live trap it. Even in what I can only imagine to be excruciating pain, with hunger gnawing at its stomach, and in the freezing cold, it has been too smart. It has eluded us. Until now. With the assistance of Ft. Belknap Animal Control Officer, Greg, we got her. This man showed true dedication and compassion to help despite today being his day off. Thank you Greg! We couldn’t have done it without you! This, my friends, is “Trapper.” A young female that is scared to death. Although the trap is now removed, and she is on pain as well as antibiotic medicines (thank you to our awesome Bear Paw Veterinary Service), she is still scared. And still in pain. Tonight she eats. Tonight she sleeps in warmth without danger of harm. She does not know that yet but she will. And we will sleep better. After we catch up on the chores (smile). The day may not have started out warm and toasty but…it was a good day. When you get a moment, do us a favor and send warm wishes to Trapper. She may be out of the woods but she is not quite home yet. Not yet.