Veterinarian speaks out against trapping

Graphic Warning! Here’s a letter a Veterinarian sent to us along with pictures. Dr. Tom gave us permission to share regarding the cruelty of trapping and thankfully the recent failed proposal (HB 12) to legalize trapping Mountain Lions in Wyoming. Trust, Montana trappers were watching and waiting.

“Dear Sirs and Madams:

I have been a veterinarian for nearly 50 years. Many times during my career I have had the misfortune to be presented with domestic animals who have suffered horrible wounds due to indiscriminant trap/snare injury. I would implore your Legislature to NOT pass the current Bill HB 12,allowing and or encouraging the use of traps/snares to kill mountain lions. I consider traps/snares in the same category as M-44 cyanide canisters; another mode of non select and non species specific instruments of death, pain and suffering for any number of animal species!
Many professionals in the biological and animal sciences and colleagues of mine, even hunters have said essentially my exact feelings, in that, ‘traps can never be made painless, safe or humane and we all know they are not species specific’.

A civilized society has no need to employ such archaic and barbaric methods which when used ‘as directed’ are more than capable of causing undue, untoward and unnecessary effects upon so many innocent animals…in the name of sport!

Charles Darwin said in 1863 a quote that I fully concur with and his words are as much or more poignant today as ever. “Few men could endure to watch for five minutes an animal struggling in a trap with a torn limb…Some will wonder how such cruelty can have been permitted to continue in these days of civilization”.

I send just a few examples of who could have been your pet or even your child…please eliminate traps/snares from our landscapes.

Curious cats and non suspecting dogs are particularly susceptible to injury. Snare 1 is a MN wolf who all but lost his left leg prior to his death. Snare 2 is a SD cougar mom who was tethered to the Earth while her cubs lingered close by…can you muster up enough compassion to understand how she felt being unable to care for or protect her babies?
We were told, ‘oh she did just fine’, pardon me if I have my doubts.
Thank you, Dr.Tom”

And thank you Dr. Tom for speaking out against trapping and sharing your experience with us!