Wisconsin trapper catches more than the coyotes he tries to trap

Not so fast. A video of a trapper in Wisconsin who released a wolf he trapped is being made out as some kind of a hero, a great guy we should all thank. Here’s more to the story.

First off, he is a trapper.

Secondly, it is illegal to trap wolves in Wisconsin as they have returned protected under ESA.

This trapper happens to target coyotes.
In the process he has also trapped bobcat, badger and what is now circulating on pages, a trapped wolf he is releasing.

Rather than someone to be idolized…….

“This November, _ had his coyote trap lines out, but instead, a mistaken wolf wandered inside of it.
Dec. 09, 2015″

“A trap intended for coyotes yields a bobcat for a Wisconsin trapper!” The bobcat ran off then with the catch pole attached which was posted as “:comical”. The catch pole was then relocated without the bobcat in it.

“Huge badger trapped and released in Northern Juneau County, Wisconsin. _ assisted me in the release. The set was a basic coyote dirt …”

So, thankfully, this trapper reportedly released these “incidental” non-target catches and a “problem” coyote. His acts again showing all just how indiscriminate trapping is but why trap in the first place and put wildlife through this?

It is unknown how many coyotes he trapped. How many he killed. It is unknown how after the trap release these “nontargeted” animals fared, survived, suffered or died as a result?

Among all the disturbing often graphic evidence, we want to know of caring acts for trapped wildlife but they are either illegal or hard to find in this hidden darkened secreted world of trapping…. however let’s not be blind to the whole story and use caution who we may glorify.

This “problem” coyote he trapped was reportedly relocated…..we hope it fared well.
We hope all the coyotes he traps are released but more so that he wouldn’t trap in the first place.
Photo: Under Fair Use for educational purposes

A trapper targeted coyotes but catches reportedly his first bobcat.
Reproduced under Fair Use for educational purposes.

This badger was reportedly released by him but what at cost to the Badger? For starters, note the ground.
There is no excuse and sorry little, other than thanking him for releasing it, for us to show gratitude.

Photo reproduced under Fair Use for educational purposes.