Where does cruelty begin and where does it end?

This baby bunny was found in Columbia Falls with darts in both eyes. It is was blinded as a result. With gentle handling for daily treatments, this baby is less fearful and sweet despite trying to adapt to a darkened world because of a darkened heart.

A Cooper’s Hawk in Columbia Falls was not so lucky as it was killed by the blow dart.

Comments on the Missoulian about this latest rage now discovered in Billings, say, at least they are not playing a video game and “boys will be boys.” Well these “boys” committed a federal offense. When this thrill runs out what’s or who is next?

Extra patrols are now underway in a Billings park as well as the attempt to capture another known injured rabbit from blow darts. Just as with the trapping victims, these are only the ones we know about.

What does it say of someone that inflicts pain and suffering on innocent beings, knowing it to be so and willingly, often joyfully does so? What does it say of parents that facilitate these acts, encourage them, teach them or excuse them? What did these abusers tell their parents, their friends, their partner or boss they did for fun that day? Did that person care?
What will they do next?