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Bird Victims of Trapping


March 25, 2016 - Loa, Wayne County, Utah

When does "incidental", "accidental" trapping "catches" lose its sway?
This disturbing image was sent to us today from the west side of the small town of Loa, Wayne County, Utah. Missing an entire foot from a trapping incident, this eagle will probably not survive due to infection and starvation. Indiscriminate traps can affect every single wild and domestic animal on our public lands. We know too much to accept this "management tool" which does nothing more than destroy and cause irreparable harm and injury to our wild and domestic animals.

Photo of  eagle missing an entire foot from a trapping incident

Photo courtesy of Rick & Laurie Kline. Thank you!

March 11, 2016 - Sundre, Alberta Canada
Pair of eagles, believed to be a mated pair, caught in snares

A pair of eagles, believed to be a mated pair, caught in snares set out for wolves as they hopped along the ground attracted to the bait.

To try to avoid this, in Montana, exposed bait greater than 1 pound in weight that is VISIBLE FROM ABOVE cannot be within 30 feet of a trap or snare. What constitutes above? In the sky? In the trees? Do trappers know or follow the regulations?

While Eagles sense of smell is poorly developed their eye sight is keen and 3-4 times better than ours. Just as what apparently happened here, experts tell us Eagles hop along the ground scavenging and therefore fall victim to traps and snares. How many? Who knows? Who cares?

Eagles caught up in wolf snares

Feb 7, 2016 - near Turah, MT.
Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl in Montana caught in a leghold trap and had to have a talon removed.



Bald Eagle March 2015 - caught in a trap near Fort Belknap.

Luckily someone found the eagle before it starved to death. The trap cut off circulation to her foot so a toe had to be amputated. Montana Raptor Conservation Center rehabilitated the bird and after a month was released at Headwaters State Park.


Golden Eagle March 31, 2015

Glasgow man charged with illegally killing golden eagle Helena Independent Record


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